The world around us is important to us! MAFRAPRINT printing plants only buy source materials for the production from environmentally responsible suppliers - and they behave ecologically during production and in the waste management area, too.


The MAFRAPRINT plants print on paper with many certificates that guarantee their favorable characteristics to the environment - whether it is obtaining raw materials for the production, their composition or impact on the surrounding environment.

EcoLabel – a certificate that means the products have to comply with a tough set of many criteria. These environmental criteria take the whole product life cycle into account - from the extraction of the raw materials, to production, packaging and transport, right through to your use and then your recycling bin.

FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) – FSC certification ensures that products come from well managed forests. Forest owners and managers demonstrate they are managing their forests responsibly and ensure fair wages, work safety and training possibilities for their people.

PEFC (Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification Schemes) – a global certification system of the forest management. It means that the forest products are produced with respect for the highest ecological, social and ethical standards and come from legal and sustainable sources.

Recycled paper

The MAFRAPRINT plants use paper that contains at least 70% (but also 100%) of recycled fibers, the rest is mechanical pulp. Paper can be recycled at least 7 times, then it is used in bioenergy production. It is not possible to recycle paper with foil and other synthetic substances.

Why recycle?

Forests absorb carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and reduce our impact on climate change. Two thirds of animal species on earth live in forests. Using paper with a high content of recycled fibers – together with the other MAFRAPRINT customers – you help to protect the environment.


The MAFRAPRINT plants use inks that dry naturally through evaporation and absorption. The entire production is carried out in the pressroom at room temperature. It is therefore not necessary – in contrast to other methods of drying (heatset, UV / EB) – to initiate or support this process. There is no further energy consumption, whether it is electricity or gas. There is no need to expend other natural resources. All the inks in the MAFRAPRINT printing plants have VOC (volatile organic compounds) levels less than 0.01%. Therefore, they do not cause emissions of chemicals that can affect the immunity of the body and contain allergens. There is no need to pick up vapors, and the environment is not endangered.


We use Computer to Plate technology for the plate production. This technology has reduced the number of processes in the production of printing forms, the quantity of chemicals and of potentially dangerous and difficult workable waste. Aluminum from the used printing forms can be recycled for re-manufacture of other products or printing forms.


All the waste, MAFRAPRINT generates, is registered and handed over to specialized companies for recycling. The maximum possible amount of waste is being recycled, whether it is aluminum from the printing plates or the used printing paper.

MAFRAPRINT printing plants take part in the project Green Company. This project aims at collecting and recycling company’s waste electrical equipment and batteries. It also enables collecting small electrical items from the company's employees.

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