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We are a printing plant with two factories that have a geographically strategic position and a sufficient capacity to do big, medium or small jobs in a wide range of qualities and sizes. You can also get other media types of the whole MAFRA company in one package with us.

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MAFRAPRINT printing plants are a part of MAFRA corporation, a media group, which has in its portfolio many media types. Among others, the corporation is the publisher of national daily newspapers MF DNES, LIDOVÉ NOVINY, and METRO. It has Internet news portals,, and various special interest sites like, and MAFRA Media Group also runs ÓČKO television channel, Internet TV and radio Impuls.

MAFRAPRINT printing plants are specialized in coldset web offset printing - we produce leaflets, periodicals, magazines and newspapers. The production takes place in two printing plants located in Prague and Olomouc. These factories have been built according to a unitary project, they are equipped with the same production technology and use the same technological procedures and materials. All this enables us to produce in a comparable quality at all the production lines.

There are up to seven production lines in the printing plants, that are available for our customers. Their base are Koenig & Bauer Colora coldset web offset printing machines and FERAG mailroom equipment. The concept of two printing plants in Prague and Olomouc provides optimal conditions for the operating safety and a high quality printing. The geographical position of both printing plants enables an easy day-to-day supply of newsprint products in all regions of the Czech Republic.


The first phase of the renewal of the plate production lines has begun, namely the retrofit of the current equipment in the Olomouc printing plant. That made this reliable equipment even more reliable and modern. At the same time, a significant part of lighting inside and outside the printing plants was replaced.
The product portfolio was expanded again, by investing in an industrial 3D printer. The printing plants began to work in a less traditional area of printmaking.
Wire stitching (type V1) in the Prague printing plant was retrofitted again, which lead to a higher efficiency of magazine production and to an increase of its reliability and continuity.
And the increase in performance continues in 2019 too. Another production line in the Prague printing plant was retrofitted with a modern SNT 50 trimming drum. It significantly increased the potential volume of especially high-circulation commercial products again. In addition, ink jet printers at the mailing lines were put into operation. They enabled the personalization of the production. In that year, selected newspaper titles of the printing plants were subjected to strict controls of the impact of their production and of the products themselves on the environment and were certified with the Ecolabel.
This year is marked by an increase in production speed and efficiency in the printing plants. The production technology in the Olomouc printing plant has been supplemented by another (the third) trimming drum. The new drum offers higher performance than the older technologies. In Prague, the V1 production line that was installed in the previous year has been supplemented by the MultiDisc Tandem Unwinding Stations. This allows a smoother and faster supply of the products to the production line. The printing plant has also installed the UniCover system, a cover hopper and inserting line that allows processing unfolded covers.
Further to the last installation of paper waste processing and due to the insufficient production capacity, at the end of 2017, a high-performance Ferag gatherer-stitcher system for V1 - wire stitching has been installed in the Prague printing plant. Its maximum output of 37,000 copies per hour significantly increases the performance of magazine production and the volume of production that the printing plant can offer their clients.
Regarding the increasing volume and variability of trimmed products and magazine production, both printing plants have improved processing of waste trim strips. The new paper waste processing equipment (removal by suction and presses) can make compact packages from paper cuts. It means a simpler waste management, a trouble-free and more efficient production, as well as a considerable future development potential for the printing plants.
In 2015, mailroom equipment was supplemented by trimming drums that can modify the format to a specific size according to customer needs and ensure edge to edge printing of leaflets or newspaper products. The second innovation has been the V1 Müller Martini line that enables to join newsprint sections with covers on coated paper. That means new possibilities on the magazine market for the printing plants – almost since the installation the production line has been producing about 1 million copies of magazines weekly.
2014 2013
In 2013 - 2014 the printing plants successfully entered some foreign markets with the regular production of leaflets and news coverage titles for customers in Germany and Slovakia.
The year 2011 brought a fundamental modernization of prepress – the installation of new Krause imagesetters. There are three production lines with a capacity of 900 printing plates per hour in Prague. In addition, the printing plant Olomouc with its two production lines can produce 600 printing plates per hour. Furthermore, a unique super-panorama glue application has been installed that creates an advertising area spread over four pages.
2010 2009
The year 2009 was another significant milestone in the development of the MAFRAPRINT printing plants. The management of our company made a decision on the installation of another production line in the printing plant Olomouc. The seventh KBA Colora rotary press was put into operation at the beginning of 2010 and has meant a significant strengthening of capacity and production possibilities for the printing plants. The current 7 production lines (4 of them in the printing plant Prague and 3 in the printing plant Olomouc) are a big printing capacity that covers geographically equally the whole area of the Czech Republic.
In 2007 the expansion of printing capacities of rotary presses was finished - the additional half towers were installed and the projected production capacity of all 6 production lines for 48 pages in Berliner format and full color was reached.
A year before we extended the rotary presses on all six lines with color half-towers and the number of full-color pages in our all printed daily newspapers and other products has doubled.
We have been investing in the technical development every year. From 2002 to 2005 we installed the automatic register guidance system, increased possibilities of machine inserting and product winding in the mailroom and acquired the fifth CtP imagesetter. We keep strengthening and developing information technologies for planning and controlling all production processes.
The printing plants started to produce many outside printing jobs (leaflets, advertising and news coverage papers). The outside jobs currently represent about 60 % of the whole production of the printing plants.
2001 1998
In summer 1998 the project works for the construction of new printing plants in Prague and Olomouc began. The strategic decision was made for reasons of the incoming trend to more color and larger well arranged newspapers. It was the investment over 3 billion Czech crowns in new buildings and the most modern printing technology. The start of the production of MF DNES newspaper in the new printing plants in Prague Malešice and Olomouc Hodolany was on June 17, 2001.
MAFRA, a.s. publishing company has gone as the first of the Czech publishing houses the way of independence from external printing capacities. In 1994 the company built its own newspaper printing plants in Prague and Olomouc. The first production of Mladá fronta DNES daily newspaper in its own plants was on October 4, 1994.

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